Who said having fatty is unattractive?  Since when were people getting fat injections and booty injections.  When I was younger going to school, my backside was bigger than the rest of my body, but no one was making a big deal.  I just thought it was normal.  Now growing up, we are currently in a Fatty trend where the more you have the more popular you are.  Take Kim Kardashian, whether its real or not, she’s grown famous for that. And now you see news articles about women trying their hardest to get butt injections just to be in the IN crowd.  Skinny women I guess you can say are out.  There are a small amount of men who finds skinny women appealing but right now in 2010 Fatty is in.  You don’t believe me: Take a look at these two pictures and you tell me who you can’t keep your eyes of!