The story of Amy Knox can be a little tricky. An American student goes to study abroad and then kills her roommate. According to reports, Knox and boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito as well as a drifter killed her British roommate by cutting her throat. The courts found all three to be guilty and sentenced them 16-26, with Knox getting 26 years. This mobster Luciano Aviello, claims he knows that Amy Knox is innocent and he said he can prove it. He said his brother confessed to killing a “girl” during a botched robbery and told him to hide his blood-stained jacket and knife. Aviello told lawyers that he hid those evidence behind a wall. The prosecutor of the case said Aviello’s claims were irrelevant since the court already deemed him not credible and didn’t interview him. If someone came forth to claim innocent on another human being, will you go about finding out if this is true? Would you do so if the person was a mobster?